Hey There!

Coffee, Beer & Popcorn

These are not just a list of things I consume on a regular basis, they’re things that I love! I started really enjoying coffee when I discovered espresso. It’s so friggin’ expensive, and there weren’t very many really good coffee shops in the neighborhood so my coffee experience came to life when I got my vintage lever espresso machine. Living in close proximity to Portland, it’s hard not to love the local brew. Maybe thing I love the most is that there’s so much care and craft put into Portland’s beers. Regarding Popcorn: One day I decided to try to make it on the stove, and I haven’t looked back! It’s cheep (unlike good beer or coffee), it’s fun for the whole family (again, unlike beer or coffee), and it tastes so much better for such minimal extra effort.

Husband, Dad & Christ Follower

If everything else was stripped away from me, I would still be these things. They are more than roles that I play, they’re a state of being… who I am.

Developer, Musician & Pastor

This is the short list of things I love to do, but they sum it up pretty well. I love the web and all of the challenges that is possesses. I will be a musician till I die. I love to sing and play piano and one of my many guitars. And I believe that pastors are merely people that have the ability to bring people along together around a common purpose. I believe that the greatest cause we could gather around is to love God and love the people around us in the same way. It doesn’t need to happen in a church, in fact, if that’s the only place it happens, it’s probably not to be trusted.